Introducing Meats from The Underground Food Collective!

We’re very excited to introduce the following creations that are crafted with ingredients from Underground Meats in Madison, WI!

Underground Meats Salume Board- Array of hand cured and cut local meats by The Underground Food Collective in Madison.  Includes Genoa Salami, Lomo (dry cured pork tenderloin), Goat Salami cured with cinnamon and rosemary, and hot Saucisson Sec. Served with Kalamata olives, Wisconsin Provolone, and our house crostini.

We also have another new pizza:  Underground Meats Farmhouse Peperone and Local Portobello mushroom Tomato Pie. – The Pepperoni is hand-crafted from locally raised heritage breed hogs.  This is about as far as you can get from mass-produced commercial pepperoni.  The Portobello mushrooms also come from Wisconsin, as does the whole milk mozzarella. A classic, done right. Because local is better.  We still have our regular pepperoni available as well.

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