The Onion’s AV Club reviews Salvatore’s

And calls our tomato pies “Transcendent”  Full review —->here

The verdict: These terrific pies are made by hand from the freshest available local ingredients, and they aren’t Italian, New York or Chicago style. They are something new—call it the Sun Prairie style. And that style is well worth making the trip.”

Truthfully, the tomato pie is a New Jersey thing, and one of the oldest styles of pizza in the United States. They style first appeared in NJ around 1912.  Calling it “Sun Prairie Style” is also apt, being that we’ve introduced truly local ingredients to the mix. Take our Rapini/Broccoli rabe pizza as an example; the crust is made with flour from Lonesome Stone Milling in Lone Rock from wheat that is grown Wisconsin. The cheese comes from Grande, a family owned company that receives all of its milk from Wisconsin Family Dairy Farms, the rapini comes from Harmony Valley Farms in Viroqua, and the sauce is made in house from local milk, butter and cheese.  Our Underground Meats Peperone and Portobello pizza is made with mushrooms grown in Helenville, and the peperone is made for us at Underground Meats in Madison, from heritage breed hogs raised right here in Dane County.

When Italians first came to America, they settled in communities and attempted to cook familiar dishes in a foreign land with local ingredients that were available to them.  This is why there are such different styles of Italian-American food; depending upon which city you are visiting. We feel we are upholding that tradition.

A note on using “the Freshest Ingredients Available”.  You see that a lot.  Every pizza restaurant seems to include those words in their advertising.  Unfortunately, in most cases, it is meaningless.  The freshest ingredients possible do not come on a SYSCO truck from Mexico, or a US Foods truck from Canada.  They come from local family farmers who put as much love into their craft as we do. That’s why we shop at several farmers markets every week, and buy directly from farmers when we can.  Local IS the freshest possible.

So in a sea of five dollar pizzas, loaded with fat, “cheese” from out of state, salt, grease, sugar and chemicals that none of us can pronounce, we feel we offer something better. Something wholesome, crafted with care from the best LOCAL ingredients possible.

Thanks for your support.

photo by Adam Powell – The Underground Meats Peperone and WI Portobello mushroom tomato pie. Only at Salvatore’s Tomato Pies in Sun Prairie.

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