Farm Fresh From Salvatore’s and Emerald Meadows Farm.


Tim Zander from Emerald Meadows Farm on Columbus WI

At Salvatore’s, it is part of our guiding philosophy to source our ingredients as locally as possible.  We select organic produce from family farmers who are as passionate about food as we are.   Meet Tim Zander, from Emerald Meadows Farm in Columbus, WI.  

In 1994, we purchased our first piece of land. Then in 1997, we purchased the farm we are now located on. We have two homes here. My father-in-law George, who helps us out tremendously, lives in the old farm house; my kids Claire ,Elliot, Lily live with me in the new house. This farm was pretty run down. We bought it from the estate of a woman that was 103 years old. So, as you can imagine, the farm was in need of serious cleaning, repairs, and upgrading after sitting idle for almost 30 years. You couldn’t even see the buildings, because of the vines and box elders growing up their sides.


We immediately started converting the farm to organic production, having our first organic field in 1998.I believe in the organic model because of the whole model. Organic food is much more than having food free of synthetic chemicals. It is a complete system, that when followed keeps my well water , and my neighbors’ and customers’ water clean. It keeps my soil and nutrients on the farm, not in rivers , and streams. It allows for a more diverse habitat for wildlife. It requires no haz mat suits. It requires no cross continent hauling of nutrients. It doesn’t allow the use of genetically modified seed, so what you are eating is naturally healthy. In short the organic model allows us to produce natural, healthy, food for our community, without passing on the external costs of pollution, unhealthy foods, and a degraded environment to my neighbors.


Tim and Family were early partners of Salvatore’s, shortly after we opened in October of 2011.  The produce he provides is fantastic, and has even tailored some of his plantings to accommodate the needs of our little restaurant.  You can find Tim and Family at the Sun Prairie Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, The Monona Farmer’s Market on Sundays, and the Eastside Madison Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays.  Stop by and see what he’s brought to market. 

One of the founding principals behind Salvatore’s, was the belief that we didn’t want to serve anything that we wouldn’t be comfortable feeding to our own children.  That’s why you won’t find bottled, pre-made sauces, convenience items and pre-cooked and processed meat with added chemicals from global food distributors here at our restaurant.  We make everything from scratch in our kitchen based upon what is available locally and in season.  

What might you find on our pizzas at different times during the growing season? (Just a sampling)  Heirloom tomatoes, kohlrabi, kale, ground cherries, salsify, broccoli, local portobello mushrooms, broccoli rabe, squash, mustard greens, local mixed greens, peppers, onions, potatoes, local trout, an array of wisconsin artisan cheeses from Grande Cheese Company, Farmer John’s Cheese, Sartori, Hook’s, Holland’s Family Cheese, pepperoni and cured heirloom meats from our friends at Underground Meats, Sausage from Fraboni’s Italian Deli, Bacon from Neuske’s in Milwaukee, local Flour from Lonesome Stone Milling in Lone Rock, WI and so much more.   We update our specials every friday with new seasonal items, and would love to meet you in the restaurant!  



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