Farm To Table Pizza – Madison Magazine.



Check out Salvatore’s in a feature about Farm to Table Pizza (tomato pies- they are different) in Madison Magazine’s February issue!

Thanks Madison Magazine, and thanks to Emerald Meadows Farm, Farmer Johns’ Cheese, Stalzy’s Deli, Fraboni’s Italian Specialties & Delicatessen, JenEhr Family Farm, Vitruvian Farms, Fox Valley Berkshire, grande cheese company, Sartori Cheese, Carr Valley Cheese, NessAlla Kombucha, Underground Meats, Nueske’s Smoked Meats, Dane County Farmers’ Market, Lonesome Stone Milling LLC, The City of Sun Prairie, REAP Food Group, Buy Fresh Buy Local Southern Wisconsin , and all of our friends for supporting us and making great things possible.

Trenton style tomato pies filtered through Wisconsin are nearly a perfect food!


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