Friday specials! 2/21!






Well…we’ve been busy today making a ton of specials for you! Won’t you join us for dinner?

Special salad–clementines, pomegranate, Granny Smith apples, mixed greens with Pom vinaigrette and citrus creme fraiche.

Pizza puttanesca! Anchovies, capers, green olives, leeks, garlic, ricotta cheese and finished with fresh parsley.

Entree: red wine and porcini marinated beef strip loin, roasted potatoes, with Brussels sprouts and crumbled prosciutto.

Dessert: sour cherry and lavender olive oil cake with sweetened citrus mascarpone.

Hope to see you tonight!


One thought on “Friday specials! 2/21!

  1. Too bad we don’t get granny Smith apples here in Sicily. I’ve eaten them in Ireland and they were delicious. We have green apples here but not so good as the grannies. I’m impressed by your name…my father’s name was Salvatore, and I have many cousins with that name. Half of Sicily is called Salvatore:) Any Sicilian connection?:)

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