Friday specials, march 14!








Hey hey it’s pi day, and we’ve got some killer specials for you.

Special salad: local mixed greens with black berries, apple, pecans, avocado, queso, mango-habanero vinaigrette.

Entree: chili lime marinated shrimp with Farro, balsamicroasted tomatoes and peppers and onions with Meyer lemon.

Pi! We have two:

White pie with anchovies, sliced garlic, green olives, Calabrian chili peppers, ricotta, and red onion.

Duck confit with door county cherries,red wine cherry reduction, goat cheese, salted leeks and arugula.

And dessert is off the hook:

Johnny knight made an espresso pot de creme, (with espresso from true coffee roasters) with pecan Florentines, fresh Sassy Cow Creamery whipped cream


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