Wednesday sandwich special!



Sandwiches. So many of them seem like afterthoughts. The promise might be there, but they often fail in the execution.

Go to the sandwich chains and you get three slices of “meat”, a ton of shredded lettuce and cheese of a dubious sort.

Here’s our answer to that problem:

First we braise local heritage pork for over 12 hours with sprecher orange and ginger sodas, garlic, and other quality spices and aromatics.

Then, we reduce the braising liquid into pure pleasure, guaranteed to excite your taste buds. Couple that with a house made Asian style slaw with ginger and sesame oil, gently lay it all down on a Stalzy’s Deli bespoke baguette lovingly smeared with a little garlic butter and you have a sandwich that…kinda rules.

It has attitude and swagger because it knows it can stomp anything the chains can come up with.

And it begs you to come and get lost in its juicy porky goodness.

Available all day.

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