Friday specials! 5/16




Friday specials? Don’t know about you but We’ve had a heck of a week for sure. So we’re celebrating with an entree:

Churrasco style black angus rib roast with ramp/garlic butter, served with roasted herbed Yukon gold potatoes and fresh asparagus from High Road Dairy in Monroe, a little foraged morel mushrooms (while they last), and finished with shaved sarvecchio and Vitruvian Farms watercress.

Pizza: jalapeño, garlic marinated shrimp, celery, red onion, mixed peppers, tomatoes, farmer johns smoked Gouda chili and garlic aioli and ramp greens.

Salad: strawberry, kiwi, apple, cucumber, fresh ricotta, tomato, pepitas, red onion cucumber raspberry vinaigrette.

Dessert: house lemon custard with fresh berries.

Have a great evening!

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