Saturday specials, 5/17, morel mushrooms!





Tonight we have a spring treat for you! Almost all the ingredients are sourced from today’s Dane county and sun prairie farmers markets.

This #pizza has foraged morels, shiitake and oyster mushrooms from Indian Farm, fresh asparagus from Emerald Meadows Farm, beautiful tomatoes from Canopy Gardens, farmer johns smoked Gouda, La Quercia prosciutto, roasted garlic, cracked pepper, preserved lemon, and it’s finished with crisp watercress from our friends at Vitruvian Farms, and sarvecchio. Want a solid vegetarian pie? Delete the prosciutto. Want it vegan? Add the white bean purée instead of cheese!

Appetizer: local goat milk bucheron, local asparagus, calabrese chili peppers, jalapeño pesto, olives, smoked Gouda, served with roasted bread.

Dessert: house lemon custard and mixed berries.

Have a beautiful night!

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