Friday specials, 5/30




We just can’t get enough of fresh local asparagus this time of year! So you’ll find it in our specials tonight…

Market Pie: Two Good Farms Organic Asparagus, duck sausage, farmer johns smoked Gouda, local oyster and shiitake mushrooms, fresh thyme, goat cheese and caramelized onion. Finished with cracked black pepper and vitruvian farm arugula.

Antipasto: Seasonal bucheron. Local goat milk bucheron, fresh macerated strawberries, snap peas, cracked pepper, preserved Meyer lemon, melted in cast iron and served with warm bread.

Special salad: vitruvian farm mixed greens, tart apples, local asparagus, carrot, grape tomatoes, citrus vinaigrette, shaved sarvecchio, and garnished with chive blossom.

Dessert: house made local organic rhubarb creme brûlée

Open now to serve you good local food.

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