Friday Specials! 6/27

chocostout rabe shiitake

We love creating specials at Sal’s from the areas best local ingredients! And tonight we have…

Antipasto: Underground Meats Coppa, Hidden Springs Ocooch Mountain aged sheeps milk cheese, over roasted local turnips, curried carrots, radish, charred spring onions and Vitruian Farms baby mizuna.

Salad: Vitruvian Farms mixed greens, Emerald Meadows snap peas, red onion, local tomatoes, strawberries, toasted pepitas, ricotta and cucumber vinaigrette.

Pie! Chili garlic and citrus marinated shrimp, emerald meadows farm broccoli rage, house made sassy cow garlic alfredo, sliced fresh garlic, calabrese chili peppers. A classic!

Dessert: House chocolate stout cake with chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries.

See you tonight!



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