Saturday Specials!

satpie satpork satsalad


Antipasto: Roasted Pork, with soy sesame stir-fried local snap peas, baby carrots, spring onion, baby bok choy, shiitake and oyster mushrooms from Indian farm, roasted pineapple,  radish, cilantro, served over organic baby mizuna and finished with house Salsa verde.

Salad – Amaranth, Vitruvian farms baby mizuna, goat cheese, carrots, spring onion, harmony valley yellow cucumbers, chioggia beets, with strawberry balsamic vinaigrette.

Pizza: Roast chicken with canopy gardens tomatoes, roasted poblano peppers, jalapeño, onion, local zucchini and summer squash, with a tomato arbol pepper sauce.

Dessert: House chocolate stout cake with chocolate ganache and Emerald Meadow Farm Strawberries.


Thanks to the good folks from the following farms and producers for making tonights menu possible: Emerald Meadows Farm, Vitruvian Farms. Harmony Valley Farm, Farmer Johns’ Cheese, Canopy Gardens Greenhouse, Indian Farm, Roots Down Community Farm and more…


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