Tonight on Johnson St. 

 Tonight’s feature goes way back, back to 1935 in Trenton, NJ. Canio “tony” Sbarro opened a restaurant and called it The Casino. Tony decided Trenton needed an Italian HotDog, the perfect mashup of something all American mixed with classic Italian flavors. His hotdogs caught on, and Tony was a busy man. People would try and stop him on the street and say hi, and he’d always respond with “gotta go, gotta go”. So The Casino became Casino Tony Goes, and the Italian hot dog became The Casino Dog.  

Our version is an homage to the original: American wagyu beef hotdog, with roasted peppers, onions, mustard and local potatoes all on a Stalzy’s Deli baguette. hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I was a kid. 
We’re also featuring a pizza with chicken, crimini mushrooms, garlic, onions, pesto, red sauce, parsley and Sartori SarVecchio. 

Save room, because Steve made a killer sweet potato pie! 

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