My Dad, Mom, Grandma and Grampa Pasquale.


Salvatore’s Tomato Pies Chef/Owner Patrick DePula, along with his kitchen staff, is a Saturday fixture at the Dane County Farmers Market where he sources the freshest possible ingredients for his restaurants. To Patrick, local sourcing isn’t about marketing, it is about tradition. His parents and grandparents have always had extensive gardens and some of his fondest memories as a young child involved helping his grandmother pick vegetables, and then prepare them for family meals. Salvatore’s is proud to extend this tradition to its customers and partner with farmers and Artisans such as Young Earth Farm, Emerald Meadows, Elderberry Hill, Harmony Valley, Vitruvian, Uplands cheese, Farmer John’s Cheese, Conscious Carnivore, and many more.

Chef Patrick comes from an Italian American immigrant family with a rich history in the food business.   His grandfather, after arriving from Italy, founded the Trenton Unity Market, a full service grocery store, in Trenton NJ.   His father was a baker, his uncles and aunts owned restaurants, food provisioning businesses, bakeries and more.

Salvatore’s Tomato Pies was founded in Sun Prairie in 2011 by Patrick and his Wife Nichole, a pastry chef. They quickly built a reputation for crafting pizza like no other…  Using old world techniques of slow fermenting dough from locally derived wheat, locally made cheeses and Wisconsin-raised meats.  Since then, they have added a second location at 912 E. Johnson St. in Madison, WI.  In 2016 they purchased 121 E Main St, a 116 year old 3 story brick building, and extensively renovated it into their flagship restaurant and expanded the menu to include shareable plates and entrees.

Some of the awards they’ve received include “Favorite Pizzeria”…Isthmus Mad Faves.   Local Her0 Award by Edible Madison Magazine.  Chef of The Year 2016 Patrick DePula, Madison Magazine, Isthmus Independent Business Award, 2017 Favorite Restaurant worth waiting for a table – Isthmus Mad Faves Poll.   Best Pizza – Sun Prairie Star 2015,2016, 2017, and many more.    Salvatore’s has been featured on Wisconsin Foodie, and Nationally on the Big Ten Network’s Campus Eats Show.

The restaurant is named after Patrick’s Great Grandfather, uncle, cousin and son.  It’s a family name that has been with us since arriving at ellis island from Casandrino, Italy.

This is our home. Our Kitchen.  Our Dream. We invite you to join us and are grateful for your visit.









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  1. Is that Ronny Depula brother of Albert, Bobby, Tony, and Billy DePula? This is Alberts cousins in-law Sam & Connie. Your post is on the facebook site called “ITS A TRENTON THING” WHAT A GREAT PICTURE AND STORY!

  2. Wow, that’s a fantastic picture! I can still remember your grandpa bringing over fresh prosciutto, basil, and mozzarella to our little place in the Burg… And that was about midnight if I recall:)

    Good times!

  3. Just read your review in the paper, and had to look you up. So excited to have a place close by that sees the value in using healthy, local, organic foods when possible. Can’t wait to take my family!

  4. Love your pizza. Would you consider offering a lager beer like Stella, Grolsch or Heinekens? Also Peroni would be nice.

    • Hello there! We do carry a lager. It’s Argentinian lager by Quillmes. We adjust the beer list often and with warmer weather (hopefully) coming soon, will add one or two soon! Thanks!

  5. Just ate here for the first time tonight! OMG! Wonderful fresh salad, tomato pie (#4) and dessert to die for – panna cotta and cannelloni! We’ll be back!

    • Hi John,

      It’s good to know that Little Caesars isn’t using potassium bromate in their flour. It’s interesting that I can’t find any information about the ingredients that they do use. Nothing is mentioned on their website besides a couple of vague assertions. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I changed the info on my website from “$5.00” pizza to “Cheap pizza”. I assure you that we use organic whole wheat flour grown and milled in wisconsin, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and yeast in our dough. Nothing else.

      Thanks again,

      Pat DePula
      Salvatore’s tomato pies.

    • Also of note…there are more restaurants that offer $5.00 pizzas besides Little Caesar’s. I wasn’t specifically talking about them, I mentioned the $5.00 pizza as a statement regarding race to the bottom in the fast food industry.

  6. Patrick,
    What a great story, great ingredients, and best dango pizza I’ve had since living in NY! Patrick it was a pleasure watching you work last night while we waited for our take out. You deserve ever accolade, and props a plenty. I’ll be a regular!

  7. Hey Patrick, I’m from Philly and man this is the best pizza I’ve had since I left home. I stopped in for a slice and ended up getting a whole pie. No kidding this is good stuff!! Thank you.

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