My Dad, Mom, Grandma and Grampa Pasquale.

Salvatore’s Tomato Pies is about family.  I grew up in the shadow of Trenton, NJ, home of some of the best pizzas on the planet. My fathers family came from Loreto Di Aprutino and my Mothers family came from Cassandrino, a small town outside of Naples.  Food has played a major role throughout my life, and has always been the centerpiece of every family gathering.

With family roots in Chambersburg, The Italian section of Trenton, we never had to go far to buy quality baked goods, Italian specialty ingredients, and fresh local produce.  Even our school cafeterias made decent Italian Subs.

Tomato Pies is what we called pizza.  Not mass produced, not cooked off in a conveyor belt oven after being made on an assembly line, but hand crafted by your relatives and friends in small neighborhood storefronts.  That’s what we do at Salvatore’s.

I’ve lived in the Madison area for 17 years now, and have always wanted to open a place that would properly honor my roots, while utilizing the incredibly fresh ingredients that we have available in Wisconsin.  Salvatore’s is proud to partner with Madison area purveyors such as RE Golden Produce and Neesvig’s. It is incredibly important to us that we support the local economy, and these two vendors provide us with uncompromising quality.

In the pizza industry, there are many ways to cut corners.  We don’t.  Our flour is high grade, and un-bromated. Potassium Bromate is a known carcinogen that is banned in almost all the world except the United States.  In fact, if you buy a pizza in Canada that contains Potassium Bromide, the box would have to have a warning label similar to a pack of cigarettes.  Consider that next time you see a sign that advertises super cheap pizza.  and be wary of chains that don’t…or won’t…proudly disclose their ingredients.  Chances are you’ll find dough conditioners, hydrogenated soybean oil, or other chemical enhancers.

Our tomato products are simply the best you can get in the United States. We add no sugar to the tomatoes, and use locally produced fresh herbs to craft our sauce.  The crimini mushrooms we use are grown here in Wisconsin, as is the Zucchini and other vegetables. And then there is cheese, Wisconsin produced cheese. We add no sugar to our dough either.  We ferment the dough in order for it to develop a natural sweetness. Our sausage and pesto is made in house. All this of course means that our food and labor costs are a bit more expensive, but you can’t beat the result. And besides, my grampa Pasquale would be incredibly upset if he found out we were cutting corners.  Because we use as much local products as possible, our menu will change a bit with the seasons.

At Salvatore’s, we firmly believe in creating comfort food that you can feel comfortable feeding to your family.  You’ve most likely heard of craft beer; We believe we create craft pizza and the proof is in the taste.  We’re always adding new things to the menu featuring local ingredients.

Thanks for visiting us, and trying our food!


Salvatore’s Tomato Pies.

Patrick DePula


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Is that Ronny Depula brother of Albert, Bobby, Tony, and Billy DePula? This is Alberts cousins in-law Sam & Connie. Your post is on the facebook site called “ITS A TRENTON THING” WHAT A GREAT PICTURE AND STORY!

  2. Wow, that’s a fantastic picture! I can still remember your grandpa bringing over fresh prosciutto, basil, and mozzarella to our little place in the Burg… And that was about midnight if I recall:)

    Good times!

  3. Just read your review in the paper, and had to look you up. So excited to have a place close by that sees the value in using healthy, local, organic foods when possible. Can’t wait to take my family!

  4. Love your pizza. Would you consider offering a lager beer like Stella, Grolsch or Heinekens? Also Peroni would be nice.

  5. Just ate here for the first time tonight! OMG! Wonderful fresh salad, tomato pie (#4) and dessert to die for – panna cotta and cannelloni! We’ll be back!

    • Hi John,

      It’s good to know that Little Caesars isn’t using potassium bromate in their flour. It’s interesting that I can’t find any information about the ingredients that they do use. Nothing is mentioned on their website besides a couple of vague assertions. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I changed the info on my website from “$5.00” pizza to “Cheap pizza”. I assure you that we use organic whole wheat flour grown and milled in wisconsin, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and yeast in our dough. Nothing else.

      Thanks again,

      Pat DePula
      Salvatore’s tomato pies.

    • Also of note…there are more restaurants that offer $5.00 pizzas besides Little Caesar’s. I wasn’t specifically talking about them, I mentioned the $5.00 pizza as a statement regarding race to the bottom in the fast food industry.

  6. Patrick,
    What a great story, great ingredients, and best dango pizza I’ve had since living in NY! Patrick it was a pleasure watching you work last night while we waited for our take out. You deserve ever accolade, and props a plenty. I’ll be a regular!

  7. Hey Patrick, I’m from Philly and man this is the best pizza I’ve had since I left home. I stopped in for a slice and ended up getting a whole pie. No kidding this is good stuff!! Thank you.

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