Sun Prairie Online Ordering

At last, we’re rolling out online ordering!   While we love talking to you, this will hopefully speed up the process.  No waiting on hold, No misunderstood orders.  Follow the below link to get started!   This is brand new for us, so  we’d appreciate any feedback at     You can always call us at 608.318.1761 as well!

Please be advised that during peak ordering/dinner times, the wait for carryout and delivery could be up to 40 minutes for carryout and an hour or so for delivery.  Peak times are usually between 5:30 and 7:30 on Friday and Saturday, and 6 and 7:30 during the week.

When ordering online please make sure to choose between “carryout” and “delivery” from the drop down menu.  And you must include your address if you desire us to deliver.  There have been a lot of incidents where we need to remake food at our expense because of accidentally selecting takeout when delivery is desired!  Help us keep prices down by making sure you are ordering correctly!  Thanks!