New winter menu in Sun Prairie! 

Hey folks! Brand new winter menu starting tonight! From a hearty braised short rib pasta, to “the prairie dog” we’ve got your dinner covered! All kinds of new items to try!  
Plus we have our Saturday and Sunday family special for carry out and delivery: get a large specialty pie or build your own with up to four toppings, large house salad, 4 chocolate chip cookies, and 2 liter of soda for only $29!
Check out our new menu online or order at 
Or visit us for the best happy hour in Sun Prairie. Buy one get one tap beers, rail drinks and wine, half off 10” bar pies. Open at 4!

Halloween Weekend Special pie!  At both locations. 

🎃This weekends Spooktacular special is eerily delicious 🎃

A 12″ pie with squid ink-infused black dough, pork belly, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, wood ear mushrooms, roasted pepitas, Young Earth Farms pumpkin sauce and finished with micro greens.   There is pizza…and then there is Sal’s. 
Stop in before they are all gone! 

Friday night specials!




Friday night specials!

Small plate: warm roasted JenEhr farm veggie salad with fennel, purple cauliflower, red Carmen peppers, onion, broccoli, and poblanos spiced with lemon, garlic and calabrese chilies, finished with sarvecchio and la Quercia prosciutto. Served with roasted bread.

Pie: Nami Moon Farms braised chicken, green tomatoes, red onion, chèvre, kale, a jalapeño sun dried tomato sauce, finished with fresh parsley.

Dessert: vanilla maple mousse with cinnamon sugar almonds and walnuts, finished with chocolate shavings.

Friday! 8/8 – Fresh Line Caught Sockeye Salmon, Jalapeño Asesino, Scratch made desserts.

78salmon jalapeno asesino Friday night Specials


Who’s got the freshest sustainable seafood in Sun Prairie? Check out our friday night specials!


Entree: Fresh Sea to Table seared line caught sockeye salmon, over miso roasted local zucchini, summer squash, green and yellow beans, leeks, shiitake mushrooms, radish, black cherry tomatoes in a miso lemongrass broth, finished with musk melon salsa and nasturtium.


Small Plate. Tostadas Carlito – Nami Moon chicken, onions, tomatoes, chipotle peppers, roasted poblanos, pico de gallo, house tortilla chips.


Pie: The Jalapeño Asesino – Lundeen Farm Berkshire pork carnitas, jalapeño pesto, sweet corn, chorizo, roasted poblanos, red onion, finished with an Emerald meadows farm melon habanero salsa and fresh cilantro.   (Moderately spicy)


Dessert: Caramelized peach and almond tart, with vanilla gelato and emerald meadows farm raspberries.


Have a beautiful evening, folks, and we’d love to serve you good local food.

Saturday Market Specials!

sattlaquatcha saturdaynuage saturdayveg


Saturday Market Specials!

Salad: Organic Harmony valley amaranth and mixed greens tossed with cucumber sorrel dressing, Landmark Creamery Petite nuage she eps milk cheese, chioggia beets, sun gold tomatoes.

Plate to Share: Emerald Meadows Farm green beens, dragon beans, sautéed with garlic, calabrese chilies, and pancetta, finished with roasted sweet corn and chioggia beets.

Pie: Market Pie – Organic zucchini, summer squash, sweet onion, sun gold tomato, broccoli, garlic, jalapeño, mixed bell peppers, farmer johns smoked gouda, finished with sarvecchio and diced squash blossoms.

Dessert: Local honey semifreddo with a currant and raspberry sauce.


Enjoy the day! And eat good food!

Saturday Farmers market specials!





Saturday. Farmers Market Specials. Our favorite day of the week.

Pizza: Harmony Valley Farm garlic scapes, hon tsai tai (Chinese greens), Indian farm shiitake and oyster mushrooms, cured berkshire pork belly, chilies, spicy pickled vegetables, hoisin sauce, scallions and red onions.

Antipasto: local goat milk bucheron baked with emerald meadows strawberries, snap peas and basil. Roasted bread.

Dessert: strawberry shortcake with emerald meadows strawberries and chantily cream made with ingredients from Sassy Cow Creamery and The Vanilla Beanery.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend and congrats sun prairie graduates!

Friday the 13th specials!





Friday specials at Sal’s are always worth waiting for.
Entree: Italian herbed angus rib roast, fingerling potatoes, aged asiago, emerald meadows farm green garlic and bok choy, La Quercia prosciutto, calabrese chili peppers. It’s a steal at $14!
Market Salad: Vitruvian Mixed greens, local strawberries, granny smith apples, asparagus, red onion, grape tomatoes, ricotta, and a mango jalapeño vinaigrette.
Pizza: Adobo stye shrimp, farmer john’s colby caliente, scallions, red onion, mixed peppers, finished with a fresh Vitruvian Farms watercress and radish salad.
Dessert: Balsamic roasted nectarines, with emerald meadows farm strawberries, and a blackberry cabernet sorbet.
Hope you enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Saturday specials, 6/7







Saturday’s Dane County Farmers’ Market special pizza is ready for you!

Roasted emerald meadows organic asparagus, neuske’s bacon, canopy gardens tomatoes, shiitake and oyster mushrooms from Indian Farm, farmer johns smoked Gouda, cream sauce made with sartori extra aged asiago, sassy cow cream, black pepper and vitruvian Vitruvian Farms watercress. It’s just as tasty sans bacon if meat isn’t your thing.

Salad: local greens, tomato, red onion, cucumber, mixed berries, queso fresco, pepitas and balsamic herb vinaigrette.

Antipasto: local goat milk bucheron, baked with summer squash, zucchini, oven roasted tomatoes, pesto, served with roasted bread.

Dessert: family recipe!! (Thanks aunt Theresa!) lemon ricotta cheese cake with an almost crust, fresh macerated berries, and candied lemon.

Have a great day, folks!