Weekend specials in Sun Prairie!  

Hey! We’ve got some specials for you this weekend and it starts tonight! 
Get a load of this burger: 6 oz’s of seared 40 day dry aged beef from Marigold Farm, Lovingly prepared with Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese, beer onion jam, house pickles, and aioli. 

Dry aging is a process that concentrates the beef flavor, and imparts a special flavor. If you’ve never had a dry aged burger before this is something special. 
Pie: Patrick’s Favorite: Nduja Artisans fennel infused salami, panna (cream) braised fennel and onions, calabrese chili peppers, finished with fennel pollen and fronds.  

Have a great weekend, folks! Oh, and we’re taking reservations now. 

Tonight in Sun Prairie

Happy Saturday to you!   
Market specials coming your way tonight: 
Pie: roasted Young earth farm Brussels spouts, pleasant ridge reserve, shiitake mushrooms, finocchiona, calabrese chilies, crema. 
Tacos: braised trotters with cilantro and onion. House salsa. 
Almond quince crema brûlée, hickory but roulade with coffee butter cream, and smoked white chocolate.