Friday specials, 5/30




We just can’t get enough of fresh local asparagus this time of year! So you’ll find it in our specials tonight…

Market Pie: Two Good Farms Organic Asparagus, duck sausage, farmer johns smoked Gouda, local oyster and shiitake mushrooms, fresh thyme, goat cheese and caramelized onion. Finished with cracked black pepper and vitruvian farm arugula.

Antipasto: Seasonal bucheron. Local goat milk bucheron, fresh macerated strawberries, snap peas, cracked pepper, preserved Meyer lemon, melted in cast iron and served with warm bread.

Special salad: vitruvian farm mixed greens, tart apples, local asparagus, carrot, grape tomatoes, citrus vinaigrette, shaved sarvecchio, and garnished with chive blossom.

Dessert: house made local organic rhubarb creme brûlée

Open now to serve you good local food.

Saturday specials! May 3rd at Salvatore’s.





Saturday specials at Sal’s!

Antipasto: house made burrata, (fresh Italian cheese and feathered cream), citrus, harmony valley black radish, plahnt farm radish, Vitruvian Farms micro greens, roasted garlic, asparagus and roasted bread.

Pizza: chili, garlic and preserved Meyer lemon marinated shrimp with spinach, harmony valley ramp pesto, olive tapenade, calabrese chili peppers, finished with vitruvian farm baby arugula.

Dessert: Wisconsin honey and vanilla custard with Florentines and strawberries.

Have a great Saturday!!

Saturday specials, 2/8





Sat-ur-day, in the park, it must have been the fourth of Ju-wha?

Yeah, wishful thinking. But we’ve got the goods to warm your soul on this snowy Saturday:

Tonight’s pizza features fox valley Berkshire pork belly, house hoisin, scallions, Serrano peppers, pickled vegetables, and arugula tossed with a sesame soy vinaigrette.

Special pizza two- lime marinated shrimp, harissa, leeks, red onions.

Our appetizer special is local goat boucheron , melted in cast iron with Calabrian chilies, jalapeño pesto, olives, roasted garlic and served with warm bread.

See you soon!

Friday Specials at Salvatore’s Tomato Pies

trout shrimp pizza beef


Happy Friday! What’s for dinner? We’ve  got some ideas.

Our pizza tonight features sustainably harvested jumbo shrimp marinated with lemon, herbs and lime, with salted leeks, piquillo peppers and harissa aioli.

Entree: porcini and red wine marinated slow roasted prime rib, with Gorgonzola compound butter, roasted fingerling potatoes, onions, piquillo peppers and mushrooms.

Special salad: artesian farm smoked trout (local) with mixed greens, beauty heart radish, pickled radish, beets, goat cheese, carrot and red onion.

Dessert: house made butterscotch pudding with toasted walnuts.

Whaddaya waiting for?

Friday specials: 1/10







Chile marinated farm chicken wings and drummers with house made Gorgonzola dip

Lime marinated Maine diver scallops, salsa verde, red onion, local queso fresco and house made chicherones in our pie tonight

Slow roasted herby farm chicken breast with farro, braised chard and peperonata

Cannolis for dessert, fresh pulled burrata and pizzas falling off the shelves, come in and save yourself…

Open now to p-p-p-please you.

Friday, 11/22 specials!


Friday before thanksgiving is the perfect time to visit Sal’s, and give thanks for some great local food only available in Sun Prairie. specials tonight-

Pizza: blue crab, house garlic Alfredo, and local sautéed spinach.

Entree : fox valley Berkshire pork and angus beef meatballs made with chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, capers, garlic and rosemary, served with porcini creme and polenta.

We also have our super delicious burrata available this evening.

Open now, for all your pizza dreams.

Friday Special! 3/22 – Churrasco Shrimp…

Jumbo churrasco shrimp marinated with chili and lime, house chimichurri, red peppers, red onion, queso fresco, chili oil and fresh cilantro.  a taste of summer!

Jumbo churrasco shrimp marinated with chili and lime, house chimichurri, red peppers, red onion, queso fresco, chili oil and fresh cilantro. a taste of summer!

tSpecial Dinner!  Sunday, 3/24.  3 Courses. Shaved brussels sprout and fennel salad with Sarvecchio and warm brown butter vinaigrette. Pan seared Uphoff farm pork belly, over polenta, roasted local portobello mushrooms and sauteed spinach, and blood orange cakes with reduction for dessert. $25. Reservations are required for this special meal.  The regular menu will be available as well.  It’s the first time we’re trying this, and we hope to make it a regular event in the future.  call 318-1761, or email for reservations!  (regular menu sunday doesn’t require reservations)

pork belly