Sun Prairie Menu

Now accepting Online Reservations in Sun Prairie!  Click here! <——

Happy to annonce we are now offering online ordering!

ORDER ONLINE   This is brand new for us, so feedback would be greatly appreciated!

We’re now in our new location at 121 E Main St.  On the corner of King and Main in beautiful downtown Sun Prairie. We now have a beautiful full bar, and expanded menu featuring new entrees and shareable plates.  Check our our menu below! And yes, we are accepting reservations.  Our dining room is much larger, and we’re located in a newly restored 116 year old brick building.  We are handicap accessible, and also have a 55″ tv at the bar.

Here is our New Summer Menu  8/01/2017  Lots of new seasonal things to try!

Current hours: Tuesday through Thursday 4pm to 10pm, Friday 4pm until 11pm. Saturday 4pm to 11pm, and Sunday 4pm to 9pm.  Check out our main page for daily specials!

We offer delivery to Sun Prairie.

Check us out on facebook for the most current information and specials. or on twitter: @tomatopies

*Most menu items can be made Gluten Free. Just ask!  Our pizza dough and red sauce is vegan friendly, dairy and egg free.



18 thoughts on “Sun Prairie Menu

  1. Found your locally grown special hummus platter AMAZING! Loved the fresh quality of the pizza as well. Thanks so much Sal!

  2. We went to your restaurant this past weekend. Incredible. In my top 3 favorite (the other 2 being V.P.N. places in Wi and Pa) pizzas of all time. Simply incredible. I am not sure if I can ever eat Little Caesar’s again! Pizza was out of this world, and your salad was superb. We also got the salami plate which was excellent. We couldn’t stop ordering things, everything sounded so good, and didn’t disappoint! Thank you! So excited to have a place of this caliber not too far from home. Would be nice to have a kid’s menu, as most of your pies are a little more on the “adult” side. Smaller cheese pizzas for them so we don’t have to compromise what we want ;o) Can’t wait to come back!

  3. OMG … I’m origianally from Buffalo, NY and I have been searching (on a quest) for the best Buffalo pizza crust, sauce, and cheese replica that I haven’t been able to find in 34 years of living around the country. I first thought Nickle was the closest, then Papa Jimmy’s, but whooooooaaaaa, this place has hit the nail on the head! The crust is awesome, the tomato sauce and the cheese is perfect … I have found my home! Now I have to figure out a way to be closer to this place!

  4. I wouldn’t feed a Sal’s pie to my kids…because I’d keep it for myself! 😉

    We had the bacon cheese bread and built a sausage-mushroom-kalamata pie last night and everything was outstanding; I especially liked that the sauce wasn’t overly sweet like some places make it.

  5. two of my girlfriends and i drove an hour to try this little place that we heard about by another friendabout a month ago!! We all shared a pie and salad and garlic bread!! I grew up in Long Island, NY and Sal’s is what home tastes like!! we are having another girls lunch and plan to make the hour trip each way just to have lunch there this week!!!!!!!!! Cant even wait!!!

  6. What a discovery! I went for lunch with a friend and brought my family back that night! I grew up in NJ and this is like being home. NY pizza style with a gourmet flair! We have now made it our Friday night family night out. Thanks for a great place to eat in Sun Prairie for lunch or dinner.

  7. Thank you so much! I’ve found that nj style crossed with Wisconsin ingredients makes fantastic pies! Please say hi when you are in next. And I’m really glad your family has started a tradition!

  8. Do you have an actual menu on line or just this slick double pictured slide over that really does not show what you have to offer or the pricing?

  9. says right on the home page they offer delivery to Sun Prairie but they dont deliver which was disappointing. great food though!

  10. So sad that the menu has changed so much. We used to order sal’s at least once a week, but now that most of the pies are either spicy or have mushrooms, and you no longer have the garlic bread, we have hardly ordered at all. Very disappointed because we loved the garlic bread and the variety of pies on your old menu. 😦

    • Hey there…I hope you realize that you can still order pretty much whatever you wish from the build your own menu. ! In fact, you can build some of your old favorites too. Glad you liked the garlic bread. We replaced it with the herb and cheese bread. Which also has garlic butter!

  11. how are you not open on mondays? is this a joke? figure it out. love your pizza but ive lost some respect for how you run your business

    • Hi chris. In the six years we’ve been open, we’ve never had business hours on Mondays. As a parent of two young sons, this is family day. I work approx 70 hours or more per week and closing on the slowest day not only makes sense. It’s s day of rest. Patrick

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