Saturday specials, 4/19!





Saturday! And it’s beautiful! So how’s about you let us cook for you?

Entree special: herbed and roasted hand trimmed beef strip loin, served with jalapeño pesto, roasted local potatoes, Brussels sprouts, farmer johns smoked Gouda and sarvecchio.

Pizza: The phox pie! House panang red curry, chili and garlic marinated shrimp, mixed peppers, red onion,bfinished with pickled daikon radish slaw.

Dessert: Central Waters Brewing Company, satin solitude chocolate stout cake, peanut butter frosting, fresh strawberry.

Won’t you join us for dinner? We deliver too.

Friday, April 18th specials!






Did you know that we’ve got Sun Prairie’s best Thai food?

Tonight’s special pie is “the Phox” (named after one of our fave bands) -with house red panang curry, chili and garlic marinated shrimp, bell peppers, red onions, finished with a daikon and cabbage slaw dressed with a ginger/sesame vin.

our house burrata is served with macerated fresh strawberries, vitruvian farms micro greens and warm bread.

Tonight’s special salad has roasted pineapple, vitruvian farms mixed greens, roasted pepitas, queso fresco and a jalapeño citrus vinaigrette.

Dessert is Johnny’s central waters chocolate stout cake with peanut butter frosting.

See you tonight!

Friday, April 11th, Phox Pie and other Specials.





What’s for dinner tonight? How about “The PHOX pie”. (Named in honor of one of our favorite bands) House made panang red curry, marinated shrimp, tri color bell peppers, red onions, finished with a daikon radish slaw and cilantro. It’s delicious, we promise.

Also serving Johnny’s house made founders porter chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries.

And if you haven’t tried it yet, our Farmer John’s Smoked Gouda just became the 2014  Yelp Pizza Bracket Champion.  Out of 16 of the Madison area’s best pizza restaurants, our humble spot in Sun Prairie won the championship after 25 people tasted the pizzas and voted. We’re proud of that, for sure!


We’d love to see you tonight!

Sunday BBQ Special! 4/6

Barbecue specil

Barbecue special


So what’s so special about today’s special?   First we source the pork from Fox Valley Berkshire. Once it is delivered, it is brined for a couple of days.  Then we braise it low and slow with choke berries, Sprecher Rootbeer, and other spices and vegetables.  All this happens before it goes on your pizza.

So besides the heritage pork,  this pizza is also getting a house BBQ sauce made with chipotle peppers, garlic and cocoa, red onions, and then it is finished with fresh cilantro and a special slaw dressed with a meyer lemon and poppyseed vinaigrette.

No high fructose corn syrup.  No preservatives.  No bottled sauces or funny chemicals.  Because we love you.

Come see us tonight!


Friday, April 4 specials!




Friday is a good night to introduce our newest #pizza special.

Behold “The PHOX”. It’s named after one of our favorite bands, and includes a house made red panang coconut curry, with mixed bell peppers, chili marinated shrimp, red onions, and finished with a daikon radish slaw and cilantro.

It’s deliciously spicy!

Tonight’s special appetizer is a local goat milk boucheron, melted in cast iron with jalapeño pesto, calabrese chilies, olives, roasted garlic, and served with warm bread.

Dessert: Johnny Knight’s patented Founder’s porter chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream frosting.

See you soon!

Salvatore’s wins the East Division in the Yelp Pizza Bracket!

Competition was tough, and included perennial madison favorites Roman Candle, Ian’s Pizza and Pizza di Roma.  Salvatore’s edged them all out to win the judges favor with the Farmer John’s Smoked Gouda pizza!   Now it is off to the final four to see who will be champion!   Want to attend the event and be a judge?  a member of yelp? Click here and rsvp——->Pizza Bracket Final Four Event

Thanks to Farmer John, Grande Cheese, Palms Mushrooms Cellars and Lonesome Stone Milling for providing us the absolute best in local ingredients!  How does winning taste?   Come on by and try the farmer john’s pizza!  We’re so proud to be a Sun Prairie Original!

Farmer John's Smoked Gouda

Farmer John’s Smoked Gouda

Saturday, 3/29 specials!




What’s for dinner you say? How about coming to Sal’s for:

Tonight’s entree: fenugreek and cinnamon roasted local pork tenderloin with calabrese chili and fennel roasted potatoes, wine poached apples and figs, broccoli rabe and goat cheese. Finished with a red wine reduction.

And our pizza: house cured uphoff farms kurabota pork belly, house garlic Alfredo, leeks, spinach, farmer johns smoked Gouda, roasted garlic and tomatoes.

Dessert: founders porter chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache.

See you soon!

Friday 3/28 specials


20140328-163248.jpgTonight’s entree:  citrus marinated roasted shrimp with toasted farro, peperonata, roasted tomatoes and Meyer lemon, served in cast iron.

Pizza:  Salt cod, broccoli rabe, house garlic alfredo, roasted garlic, calabrese chilies, leeks, roasted tomatoes.

Dessert: Founder’s Breaskfast Stout chocolate cupcakes w/chocolate ganache.

Happy day.