Friday specials! To warm you up!




Friday specials at sal’s are sure to warm you up!

Entree: 8 oz angus flank steak, churrasco style, over roasted local sweet Carmen and poblano peppers, roasted Wisconsin gold potatoes, finished with cilantro lime compound butter.

Pie: smoked Gouda, laQuercia prosciutto, harmony valley farm mustard greens, sun dried tomatoes, house made burrata, jalapeno pesto.

Dessert: Chocolate and vanilla panna cotta, dried cherry compote and maple tuille.

Saturday specials! 11/1



Saturday specials are ready for you!

Entree: tacos el tlaquache- seared flank steak, onion, cilantro, pineapple, with tomato Arbol salsa, and sebolitas,

Pie: a classic- house garlic Alfredo made with sassy cow cream, fraboni’s italian sausage, harmony valley broccoli rabe, calabrese chillies, garlic, local shiitake mushrooms, fresh basil.

Dessert: pumpkin creme brûlée with maple tuille, and whipped cream.

Have a beautiful night!

Friday specials!



Happy Halloween!

Friday specials!

Entree: seared 8 oz flank steak, over celeriac mashed potatoes, with sautéed mushrooms and a lime cilantro compound butter.

Pie: Nami Moon farms chicken, red onion, black olives, fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomato pesto, and finished with fresh parsley.

Dessert: pumpkin creme brûlée, with maple tuille, and whipped creme.