Saturday specials!



Saturday specials!

Tacos: veggie- roasted poblanos, yellow peppers, sweet Carmen peppers, red onion,zucchini, garlic, cilantro and tomato Arbol salsa.

Chorizo- cilantro, red onion, and tomato Arbol salsa. Both served with sebolitas.

Pie: tonight’s pie is spicy- can you handle it? House Berkshire carnitas, bacon, red Fresno jalapeños,green jalapeños, queso fresco, red and green onions, farmer johns Colby validate, finished with sour cream.

Have a beautiful evening folks!

Friday night specials!




Friday night specials!

Small plate: warm roasted JenEhr farm veggie salad with fennel, purple cauliflower, red Carmen peppers, onion, broccoli, and poblanos spiced with lemon, garlic and calabrese chilies, finished with sarvecchio and la Quercia prosciutto. Served with roasted bread.

Pie: Nami Moon Farms braised chicken, green tomatoes, red onion, chèvre, kale, a jalapeño sun dried tomato sauce, finished with fresh parsley.

Dessert: vanilla maple mousse with cinnamon sugar almonds and walnuts, finished with chocolate shavings.

Saturday specials!!!




Saturday market specials!

Pie: calamansi roasted purple and gold cauliflower, romanesco, onion, garlic, sweet Carmen peppers, purple carrots, with underground Underground Meats farmhouse peperone, ricotta, red Fresno chili peppers, finished with baby watercress.

Tacos Campechano: Berkshire pork carnitas, chorizo, pineapple, onion, cilantro, and house Arbol pepper roasted tomato salsa.

Dessert: clafoutis- with red wine poached cherries and pecans.

Friday specials: fresh seafood.



Hello Friday, what’s for dinner?
Tonight’s specials:

Small plate: seared fresh sea scallops with roasted poblano and sweet Carmen peppers, mango ‘Nduja gastrique, gremolata, over watercress tossed with calamansi vinaigrette.

Pie: chili garlic and cilantro marinated sea scallops, chorizo, leeks, Carmen peppers, Harissa, finished with Vitruvian Farms purple mizuna.

Happy Friday!

Saturday seasonal specials!





After a chilly day, nothing is better than a warm fall soup.

Tonight’s specials:

organic tomato and fennel confit soup with Italian sausage, scallions, sarvecchio, and pancetta.

Small plate: roasted market purple and gold cauliflower, romanesco, sweet Carmen peppers, with onion, garlic, and crispy pancetta.

Pie: macerated honey crisp apples, fraboni’s Italian sausage, butter braised leeks, Gorgonzola, and Vitruvian arugula.

Dessert: tart Tatin, caramelized honey crisp apples, fresh thyme, bourbon cream.

Happy autumn, folks!

Friday night special! Featuring fall flavors, local and delicious.



Our Friday specials reflect fall flavors tonight!

Small plate: Roasted market vegetables, organic romanesco, caulflower, red Carmen peppers, garlic and onions, tossed with tomato confit sauce, finished with crispy prosciutto di Parma, and served with roasted bread.

Pie: local macerated honey crisp apples, fraboni’s Italian sausage, fresh thyme, sautéed leeks, Gorgonzola, Vitruvian arugula.

Dessert: tart tatin, caramelized apples, thyme, and spiced bourbon cream.

Have a great evening!

Saturday special!


Tonight’s special!

Bulgogi style Berkshire pork, local baby bok Choy, sweet red peppers,garlic, jalapeños, shiitake mushrooms, purple radishes, miso garlic sauce.

Have a beautiful night!

Tonight’s special!

Bulgogi style Berkshire pork, with garlic, local sweet red peppers,

Friday specials!





Pie: Sea2table citrus marinated gulf shrimp, chorizo, local sweet Carmen peppers, roasted onion, romanesco, scallion, tomato confit butter sauce, baby watercress.

Tacos! Tacos al pastor, with onion, cilantro, pineapple, and an Arbol pepper roasted tomato salsa.

Dessert: chocolate and hazelnut tart with fresh raspberries.

Friday specials!



Friday specials!

Shareable plate: sea2table wild caught large gulf shrimp, fingerling potatoes, purple cauliflower, baby mizuna, tomato confit sauce.

Pie: purple cauliflower, roasted poblano and sweet Carmen peppers, garlic, prosciutto, baby greens, smoky tomato butter sauce.

Dessert: tarte tatin: caramelized apples, fresh thyme, and bourbon cream.

Happy Friday!